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African civil society condemns hunt for migrants on the continent

After the death of a malian migrant in Mauritania, the West African Observatory on Migrations (WAOM), together with MADE Africa, The Pan African Network for the Defense of Migrants' Rights (PANiDMR) and the Moroccan Transnational Network on Migration and Development (RMTMD) issued a joint statement condemning the chase on irregular migrants going on in Mauritania and other African states.

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Floods, Plagues and Swamps: The power of words in the migration context

During the "2nd Thematic Workshop - Migration for Harmonious Societies" in preparation for the GFMD 2016, the Secretary General of Terre des Hommes International and Chair of the GFMD 2015 Civil Society Days Ignacio Packer presented an inspiring speech on how our daily language on migrants and migration can influence the way we perceive these issues.

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Civil society sent their response on the WHS report

Recently, the UN Secretary General issued his report for the World Humanitarian Summit. Among other things, it strongly emphasises “core responsibility” for improving humanitarian action regarding migrants, refugees and displaced persons, with particular attention to women and children. Civil society colleagues in the NGO Committee on Migration in New York have prepared a 3-page statement with analysis and recommendations specifically on those parts of the Secretary-General’s report.

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ICMC & Oxfam call on EU ministers to change course on migration cooperation with Africa

European foreign ministers meeting on Thursday to assess the six months since November’s Valletta Summit on migration from Africa must shift their focus to the urgent needs of people fleeing from violence and human rights abuses, said Oxfam and ICMC. As the death toll rises in the central Mediterranean, the EU has increased the amount of money given to many of the same regimes that people are so desperately fleeing from.

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Civil society meets for MICIC regional consultation for East and Southern Africa

The sixth and final civil society Migrants in Countries in Crisis (MICIC) regional consultation took place in Nairobi, Kenya on April 29, four days before the state consultations in Kigali, Rwanda, on 3-4 May. The focuses for the consultations were the sub-regions of East and Southern Africa.

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High-Level Meeting on Addressing large movements of refugees and migrants

The UN General Assembly (UNGA) will convene an extraordinary High-Level Meeting on Addressing large movements of refugees and migrants (HLM) on 19 September 2016. Under a decision adopted by UNGA in December, this is the last of four high-level meetings that the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon has organised since February, bringing the world together in responding to the displacement and movement of large numbers of refugees and migrants across the globe.

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Zero Fees Campaign - Almost 200 signatures

The MADE Working Group on Labour Migration & Recruitment, coordinated by Migrant Forum in Asia recently launched a petition to the Nepalese government to stand firm on an important law passed in 2015 obliging foreign employers to bear the visa and flight ticket costs for Nepali migrant workers that they hire. A related activity, just-launched, is an online discussion on temporary labour migration programs, in which they are interested to hear from migrant workers, those working with migrant workers, or anyone with an interest in this topic.

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Myth busting: Deconstructing 10 myths about migration and development

With the increase in the number of refugees and migrants trying to enter Europe in 2015, there has been a concurrent increase in suspicion, fears and preconceptions among the citizens and governments of destination countries. By confronting false or misleading statements with strong data, facts and migrant testimonies, this tool, developed by ICMC Europe and the Forum des Organisations de Solidarité Internationale issues des Migrations (FORIM) in coordiantion with CONCORD, aims to deconstruct received ideas by tackling common misconceptions on migration in relation to poverty, development aid and the job market, among others. 

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Global Diaspora Day - Be part of it!

The MADE Working Group on Diaspora and Migrants in Development is excited to announce an open call for submissions in preparation for Global Diaspora Day, which will be celebrated for the first time in 2016!

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Discussing African migration at the Potsdam Spring Dialogues

African migration is often perceived as massive, increasing and mainly directed toward Europe. Speakers at this year’s Potsdam Spring Dialogues, including MADE's Sophie Ngo-Diep reminded the audience that African migration is first and foremost intra-continental, and called on African and European leaders to work as equal partners and acknowledge the benefits that migration and mobility can bring to both continents.

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