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Civil society to governments on migration: It’s time for Better Choices. Chair’s Report

Speaking to 500 government delegates from over 140 countries, 300 leaders of civil society worldwide and high-level delegates from UN and international agencies, Mr. Packer spoke of choices that need to be made in policies and practices on migration and development.

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The Solutions is Rights

The first of the two Civil Society Days wrapped up Monday evening with a record number of more than 260 civil society leaders and networks from some 80 countries.

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Countdown to the Civil Society Days of the 2015 GFMD in Istanbul

This year, the GFMD Civil Society Programme will bring together more than 300 global civil society leaders, observers from governments and international organisations, in Istanbul on 12-13 October 2015.

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Storytelling on migration and the European Year of Development 2015

MADE has participated during European Year of Development 2015 during the thematic month on migration and demography by posting a series of stories regarding key aspects of migration and development.

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La société civile africaine obtient victoire décisive

Suite à une lettre ouverte rédigée par MADE Afrique et plusieurs acteurs de la société civile, les dirigeants africains conviennent de discuter sur la migration et la sécurité lors du Sommet de Lomé en novembre.

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Encuentro Regional de Migraciones: articulando para transformar

Se reunirán 70 personas que trabajan por la defensa de los derechos de las personas, familias y comunidades migrantes en 17 países de América Latina y el Caribe.

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Recruitment reform campaign moving forward in Asia

On 13-14 August 2015, civil society from more than 50 Asian countries met for two days in Bogor, Indonesia.

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The MDGs ignored migrants and refugees. How will the SDGs fare?

This post by Bob van Dillen, Coordinator of the MADE Working Group on Global Governance of Migration and Development, was originally published on the blog, coordinated by the Overseas Development Institute.

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National Multi-Stakeholders Meeting in Costa Rica

The National Multi-Stakeholders meeting was held on August 8, 2015 in Costa Rica and organised by the Fundación Scalabrini and CIDEHUM in San José, Costa Rica.

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Déclaration de MADE Afrique

MADE Afrique regrette la dernière tragédie en publiant une nouvelle déclaration appelant les dirigeants africains, la société civile et toutes les parties prenantes à organiser dans toute la région dans une Conférence conjointe.

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