Participatory glossary on recruitment



As a direct outcome of the MADE Asia civil society meeting in Jordan in December 2014, the Working Group on Labour Migration and Recruitment set forward several campaigns to work on during 2015. 

The Participatory Glossary wants to achieve a collective definition of common terms used when discussing labour migration and the recruitment of migrant workers.

Moreover, the glossary wants to explore and make specific mention to how these terms are used and understood in different contexts.

For example:

  • How are terms understood by governments vs. migrants?
  • How are terms used in different country contexts? 

​To do this, the Working Group has been suggesting the terms to be discussed through their dedicated mailing list and inviting members to comment on them by email. Members are encouraged to point out differences in interpretation according to the country or local language, or whether there are entirely different terms that are used to define the same concept.

This exercise is helping a wide range of stakeholders become more aware of how terminology is used, encouraging them to make strategic decisions about what terms are to be used and where.


  1. You can review the list of terms already agreed on by the Working Group on the website and suggest your own
  2. Spread the word about this campaign by pointing other advocates to the website and build the audience so the glossary is as participatory as possible.


Tatcee Macabuag, Labour Migration and Recruitment Working Group - email