Civil Society Days 2014

Civil Society Days 2014

The GFMD Civil Society Days 2014 was held on 12 – 13 May at the Münchenbryggeriet Conference Centre in Stockholm, Sweden. The Common Space with Governments was held at the same venue on 14 May, and the GFMD Government Days took place at the same location on 15-16 May.

Global civil society embraced the 2014 GFMD as the first global opportunity to capitalize on the outcomes of the 2013 High Level Dialogue on Migration and Development and to drive forward civil society 5-Year 8-Point Action Plan.

The final report from the Swedish Chairmanship of the Global Forum on Migration and Development 2013-2014, is titled Unlocking the Potential of Migration for Inclusive Development’.

The report provides an overview of the chair’s activities in the run-up to and during the actual event, held last May in Stockholm. Throughout the document, the Chair stresses the importance of collaboration between civil society, governments and international in order to make the GFMD « development focused, dynamic and durable ».

The report’s recommendations from the round-tables highlight the convergence in both government and civil society agendas for migration and development in topics such as:

  • the inclusion of the migration in the post2015 development agenda
  • the reform of recruitment practice for migrant workers, portability of rights and recognition of skills and training
  • engaging and empowering diaspora

In addition to the government’s report, a range of documents from the 2014 GFMD Civil Society Days are available below.