Civil Society Stocktaking

Civil Society Stocktaking and Strategy Meeting

The Civil Society Stocktaking and Strategy meeting: 2017 Regional and Global processes toward the States’ Stocktaking Conference will take place on the 2 – 3rd of December in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It is being organized by the ICMC-MADE Coordinating Office, working closely with members of the Action Committee — in particular those focused on migrants and migration, in further consultation with the ISC and the Inter-Regional Committee comprising the focal points of the regional civil society consultations. It is organized with support from the European Union, and the International Organization for Migration.

Focus and Objectives

This gathering provides a space for civil society to meet together on priority messages to bring into the government-led Stocktaking Conference taking place on 4-6 December, to strategize for the negotiations phase that begins in February 2018 and to engage in direct conversations with governments. 

On Day 1, the meeting will include an update on the GCM process, as well as of activities of civil society in the consultation phase both in regional and in global processes. It will then center strategic discussion and advocacy planning on each of the TEN ACTS. Day 2 will be dedicated to conversations with governments on specific themes, facilitating civil society to develop an advocacy road map going into the negotiations.

Participation in the Civil Society Stocktaking and Strategy Meeting

Civil Society: There is space and budget to allow for participation of approximately 60 civil society participants. Working with the migration-focused members of the Action Committee—and in further consultation with the ISC and the Inter-Regional Committee, the organisers have drafted a selection procedure for civil society delegates to participate in this Civil Society Stocktaking and Strategy Meeting that draws from the regional and global processes focussed on the GCM this year. In early November a list of invited organisations will be available on this webpage. All of the organisations invited to participate will be encouraged to set up communication channels with their members and with the broader networks and grass roots organisations that they (or their network) may represent, in preparation for, and following the meeting. 

States: On Day 2, specific governments (approximately 40) will be invited to participate in small tables with civil society.

  • Find the detailed preliminary concept note and programme here
  • Find the selection procedure for civil society delegates here
  • Find the list of invited civil society delegates here


Participation in the government-led Stocktaking Conference, 4-6 December

The registration process to attend the government-led Stocktaking Conference on 4-6 December is now open. Please register through this form, managed by the Office of the SRSG (OSRSG), sending any questions you have to Note that only organisations in consultative status with ECOSOC OR approved for special accreditation for the GCM process (find list here) can apply to attend the government - led stocktaking. These requirements do not apply for the civil society stocktaking, though we expect and hope that some participants will want to stay on and attend the government-led stocktaking. Please note that the UN might offer funding support to participants from Least Developed Countries. More information here. Please direct all questions relating to the government-led stocktaking to


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