Diaspora and migrants in development

 Diaspora and migrants in development

As of July 2015, the Working Group on Diaspora and Migrants in Development is coordinated by the African Foundation for Development (AFFORD UK), which is based in London, United Kingdom.

The Working Group on Diaspora and Migrants in development works on ensuring the engagement of diaspora and migrants as entrepreneurs, social investors, and policy advocates and partners in human development in particular in countries of origin and heritage.

The group builds on previous advocacy and agreements reached by civil society during past editions of the Global Forum for Migration and Development and reflected on civil society’s 5-Year 8-Point Action Plan. Find more information in their Core Members' list and Terms of Reference.

All civil society organizations working in the field of migration and diaspora or interested in the topic are welcome to join and participate in upcoming events or other activities.

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Priorities 2016

  • Strengthen and establish further transnational networks of diaspora and migrants across continents, linked to networks of civil society in countries of origin, to exchange knowledge, good practices, and work together  on advocacy messages and tools.
  • Challenge negative stereotypes of diaspora and migrants through exposure of contributions with best practice examples and other stories, and through media outreach.
  • Develop advocacy messages and tools for migrant and diaspora networks to work together with civil society to advocate for policies that enhance diaspora investment.
  • Activities will include, but not limited to: 
    • Establish a ‘Global Diaspora Day 2016’ to showcase contributions of diaspora and migrants to development and to generate resources on their role in job creation, enterprise and investment, through articles, case-studies and multi-media material. Global Diaspora Day will also generate resources on anti-xenophobia initiatives.  
    • Develop and produce a thematic report on Diaspora and Migrant Investment and National Development – Building on the Nexus
    • Strengthen, expand and build the capacity of a working group on diaspora and migrants for development through thematic meetings and webinars
    • Carry out a priority survey to provide evidence-based guidance to future advocacy strategy under the theme diaspora and migrants in development

Activities 2014 - 2015


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Webinar - Diaspora and Migrants as Entrepreneurs and Social Investors: Creating an Enabling Policy Framework

The webinar will look at challenges and solutions from both the perspective of diaspora and migrants enterprises on one hand, and policy makers on the other, in supporting diaspora entrepreneurship.  

Webinar - Diaspora Engagement in the MENA Region

The webinar will be held on 26 August 2015 at 12pm EST. It is organised by the International Diaspora Engagement Alliance (IdEA) draws on previous research on Syrian and Tunisian diaspora groups in Germany and explores how the events of the “Arab Spring” in Tunisia and the ongoing conflict in Syria, influence the diaspora consciousness and shape diasporic engagement. In addition, the presentation will highlight different factors that enable or constrain engagement of diaspora groups in politically fragile and conflict settings.