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Global Diaspora Day - The Articles

Global Diaspora Day

The 8 selected articles span Africa, Asia and Europe.

Here you can read some extracts (titles link to the full submission):

Afrikatu Kofi Nkrumah (Prague, Czech Republic) - Baffour Ankomah

"Afrikatu Kofi Nkrumah has done more for Africa than most people. He is a Ghanaian by nationality but he is only enveloped in a Ghanaian skin – his real citizenship is pan-African as the Ghanaian tag is too limiting for him, at least according to the work he has done so far, which I have known for almost two decades.

A superb human being, I have known him when he set up an “African shop” in Prague to service African needs. I have known him when he started an “African library” in Prague to service the needs of both Africans and Czechs who wanted to know more about Africa. I have known him by his writings and the agency he set up to propagate positive stories about Africa globally. The centre that he and his wife started in Prague has grown to cover many other African-Czech political/social/cultural activities beneficial to all.

He is a good comrade, a born leader, and he gets things done, as I have known him. If only Africa can have many of his type."

Beyond remittances in Bangladesh - Mohammad Atiqun Nabi

"In Bangladesh, there are two types of migrants. Firstly, the temporary migrants who come to Bangladesh for labour purposes, often originating from Gulf countries. Secondly, there is the Non-Bangladeshi Resident (NRB). We don't often use the word 'diaspora', but this is what the term refers to, about Bangladeshis living most commonly in the US, UK and Canada. Around 10 million Bangladeshis are living abroad. An article in the Wall Street Journal in 2015* estimated they sent around $14 billion in remittances to Bangladesh annually, according to a source from Bangladesh Bank, the country’s central bank.

Within two years, our organisation linked 1200 migrants with a bank and microfinance institutions and loan systems. We also have a government-backed 'migrants welfare bank', which provides loans to migrants in other countries."

Somali entrepreneurs in South Africa - Abdihakim Ainte

"It is diaspora figures like Sadia, a hot sauce entrepreneur who moved to the US in 1999, whose investment is keeping Somalia’s economy alive. Sadia gave 10% of her proceeds for aid during the Somali famine. Indeed, in almost every major city in the world, from Nairobi to Dubai via London, Melbourne or Cape Town, you can find small Somali shops, a business mentality which has earned Somalis the reputation of entrepreneurial nomads." 

The full list of selections:

  • AFFORD Business Centre (ABC) - Unisa Dizo-Conteh
  • Afrikatu Kofi Nkrumah (Prague, Czech Republic) - Baffour Ankomah
  • Als ik daar ben (When I'm there) - Marjolein Veldman
  • Beyond remittances in Bangladesh - Mohammad Atiqun Nabi
  • Global Somalia Diaspora (GSD) - Abdihakim Ainte
  • Humanitas Afrika - Emmanuel Hayford
  • Somali entrepreneurs in South Africa - Abdu Hikam
  • Uganda and diaspora - Ida Horner

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