ISC members

2017 International Steering Committee members

GFMD Civil Society Programme Committee

This is the main Committee, grouping together about 25 organisations and tasked with overall preparation for the GFMD Civil Society Days, Common Space and other interactions between civil society and governments in GFMD activities.

Evaluation and Planning Team (Core Group)

Advises the Coordinating Office on cross-cutting questions of politics, structure, evolution and effectiveness of the ISC itself, including on fundraising and collaboration with partners. 

MADE Themes and Regions Subcommittee

Includes coordinators for the MADE regional networks and thematic Working Groups and others that organise around issues included in the 5-Year 8-Point of Action. MADE Coordinators will bring the work carried out through MADE to the attention of the other units of the ISC and will be tasked with part of the preparations for certain sessions during the Civil Society Days.