Civil society delegates gather in Costa Rica to discuss how best to protect migrants in crisis


On 16 February 2016, the MADE Global Coordinating Office, together with its regional partner MADE Americas, led by INMD and SIMN, the Global Coalition on Migration (GCM), Alianza Americas and ACIDEHUM with the support from CAMMINA coordinated a one-day regional civil society consultation in San José to discuss challenges and needs of migrants in crisis in Latin America and the Caribbean as part of its ongoing work around the Migrants in Countries in Crisis (MICIC) Initiative.

This is the fourth regional civil society consultation that has taken place on the MICIC Initiative. The first one focused on Asia and was held in Manila, the Philippines on 21-22 March 2015, the second one focused on Europe and Central Asia and took place in Brussels, Belgium on 24 June 2015, and the third one focused on West and Central Africa and was held in Dakar, Senegal on 07 December 2015.

The civil society consultation in San Jose joined together 22 participants from 9 different countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, who represented mainly migrant and diaspora organizations. Two international organizations (IOM and ICMPD) involved in the MICIC initiative were also present during the morning session.

Discussions were around the main crises affecting the regions, such as violence and trafficking, climate change and natural disasters, amongst others.

The main recommendations were presented at the Government Consultation of the MICIC initiative the next day by Carol Giron from the SIMN.

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Background and Agenda

Civil society Rapporteur Carol Giron’s presentation in Spanish and in English