Linking two global processes: GFMD Civil Society Days and the process to develop a Global Compact on Migration


With this GFMD taking place just three months after the UNGA Summit, discussion in the Civil Society Days and Common Space will connect directly to the Summit’s New York Declaration, very much including the process to develop a Global Compact on Migration. Within the programme of the Civil Society Days, this connection includes

  • the morning plenary on the first day
  • guiding questions running through all 7 hours of each of the four tracks of twin working sessions
  • three two-hour “special sessions” the first evening
  • a number of small interactive lunch and tea tables with governments the afternoon of the second day.

The special sessions will focus specifically on strategizing around

  • the process to develop a Global Compact on Migration;
  • guiding principles and voluntary guidelines on the treatment of migrants in vulnerable situations;
  • creating welcoming societies.

Follow-up on the Summit outcome and Global Compact on Migration process also form a key part of the programme for the Common Space on the third day. For the draft programme and more details on these sessions see the  CSD draft concept note.