MADE, evaluated (twice) and moving forward


With the first three years of the Migration and Development (MADE) Civil Society Network ending in early 2017, two independent consultants conducted formal assessments of the work of the MADE programme from 2014 - 2016. The first consultant was hired by the European Commission, completing her Results Oriented Monitoring (ROM) Evaluation report in September 2016. The second consultant evaluator, retained as one of the commitments within the design of the MADE programme, completed her evaluation in March 2017. The objectives of both evaluations were to gather lessons learned and suggestions for the future of MADE from partners as well as from other stakeholders, particularly those that have worked with MADE in some capacity.

Both evaluations concluded that MADE work has made an important contribution to regional and global migration and development processes and debates. Core lessons learned as MADE moves into the next phase of its activities are to recognize that each region and partner has different capacities, as well as to further establish the identity of MADE and improve communication with external stakeholders and the general public.

While the first cycle of EU funding for the regional and global thematic working groups of MADE draws to a close, the commitment continues for the wide range of this work, including with ongoing fundraising. Partners in the regional and global thematic networking are taking their work forward, including with new funding. MADE networking continues to be one of civil society’s responses to its insistence at the first Global Forum for Migration and Development some 10 years ago, to work hard at these migration and development priorities, regionally, globally, and with urgency.

Excerpts from the Evaluations:

…Stakeholders interviewed for this evaluation argued that there was a continuing need for the kind of civil society coordinating and information-sharing role… which has comprised a substantial component of the work of MADE... 

…At the global level, MADE and its partners demonstrated a capacity to respond to emerging priorities and processes (for example, MICIC and the 2016 UN High Level Summit Addressing Large Movements of Migrants)…

…Government stakeholders highlighted ICMC and MADE’s capacity to engage with global processes, and facilitate information-sharing and dialogue between civil society actors and government actors, in a professional and “smart” way… 

You can read the full evaluation reports here: