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One of the main goals of MADE is to expand opportunities for civil society practitioners and migrant advocates, including migrants, refugees and members of the diaspora themselves around the world.  On a global and collective level, MADE aims to foster the exchange of information, mobilize advocacy and develope policy-building strategies, always with the civil society 5-year 8-point Plan of Action at the heart of these activities.  

To this end, the MADE coordinating office, along with its regional and thematic partners, holds regular webinars on issues related to the field of migration and development. These webinars are open for participation to all members of civil society, and provide an important platform for knowledge-sharing and network building.

MADE webinars



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Review: MADE Americas Webinar

On June 30th 2016, MADE and its MADE Americas partner INMD hosted a webinar to show how non-state actors could work together around the world to link the non-binding with the binding and the global to the local to oblige states to better protect migrants’ rights, sharing the experience of networks and the UN offices in Mexico.

MADE’s Webinar - Telling a different story of migration

On June 9th 2016, the Europe Chapter of MADE hosted a webinar on the important role of civil society and other non-State actors as well as non-traditional actors such as local governments in changing the current narrative on migrants and migration and in “lifting the images of migrants and diaspora as bearers of culture, diversity and development”.


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