MADE in action

MADE in action

MADE expands opportunities for civil society practitioners and migrant advocates around the world to come together, exchange information, advocate and share policy-building strategies. 

MADE activities seek changes in policies and practices to protect migrants and families and improve the conditions under which they live, move and work. 

Participation in MADE is open to all who share its vision.

MADE Network

Taking as its starting point the 2013 Civil Society's 5-year 8-point Plan of Action, MADE activities are organized at regional, thematic and global levels.

Each of MADE's regional networks and Working Groups is led by a leading civil society organization or network with a history of advocating for migrants, development and migrants' rights, connecting with other civil society organizations and networks, and collaborating with governments and intergovernmental organisations at national, regional and global levels.

MADE's regional networks 

Fostering civil society networking through meetings, joint actions and information-sharing in:

MADE's Working Groups

Shaping global agendas on:

MADE Global actions

ICMC’s MADE Global Coordinating Office works closely with partners to organize activities of civil society organizations worldwide in processes that involve governments, decision-makers and international agencies. Such activities include the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) and its GFMD Civil Society Days, the Migrants in Countries in Crisis Initiative (MICIC), a Pilot Fund focused on national advocacy activities and the implementation of Agenda 2030 and it’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Global action