Pilot Fund Costa Rica


Duration of the project: October 2015 - February 2016 (extended)

The organization Asociación Centro Internacional Para las Protección de Los Derechos Humanos de las Personas Migrantes (ACIDEHUM) is leading the MADE Pilot Fund project in Costa Rica. The aim of the project is to support civil society in engaging with the government in various levels of migration policy.

This is done though the following activities:

  • Meeting with civil society and governments to provide input in the 2016 – 2019 National Action Plan on Migration Policy.
  • Organizing a multi-stakeholder meeting regarding the draft migration bill that is currently being discussed in the country.
  • Set up of a capacity building exercise for civil society organizations, community leaders and migrants in direct coordination with the relevant authorities, to enhance information and knowledge on due process. Activities undertaken:
    • Workshop to inform and provide capacity building on access to justice for the Sarapiquí community.  
    • Informative fair for migrant population and farmers in the Piñera de Rio Cuarto de Grecia area.
    • Support Migra-Móvil in the national centre of supply and distribution of food for undocumented workers in Barreal de Heredia.
    • ​Informative fair for migrant population and farmers in Zapote y Delta in Srapiquí
    • Drafting of an advocacy document that summarizes the main messages and recommendations of civil society to assist organizations in Costa Rica in their advocacy activities.



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