Pilot Fund Morocco


Duration project:  September 2015 to May 2016

The organization Collectif des Communautés Subsahariennes au Maroc (CCSM) is leading the project funded by the MADE Pilot Fund in Morocco.


The objectives of the project are:

  • Ensure implementation of existing protection frameworks for migrants
  • Raise awareness on the promotion and protection of migrants' rights
  • Facilitate the integration of migrants in Moroccan society

The main activities are:

  • Set up a focus groups with migrants in the area around Nador, concretely in four camps: Marjane, Zoutiya, Selouan and Bollingo. CCSM provided migrants with information on their rights and collected data on migrant’s profiles and conditions.  
  • Set up training sessions with officials from local authorities on legal frameworks
  • Meeting with civil society organizations to draft an Action Plan
  • Organize an official round table including civil society and governments

For a good summary of their activities, please read their final report (in French)

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