Pilot Fund Senegal


Duration Project: October 2015 – June 2016

The Kedougou gold mine in eastern Senegal, on the borders with Mali and Guinea, has huge natural resources and is one of the most cosmopolitan regions of Senegal, attracting a lot of migrants to the area. These migrants can face serious health problems and insecurity, particularly because of the lack of access to basic services. In addition, the gold industry is attracting many young people, who drop out of their education to pursue work in the mines.

Given the seeming lack of adequate political attention to the migrants, the MADE pilot project in Senegal - coordinated by the Association for Economic, Social and Environmental Development in the North (ADESEN) - is establishing a Migration Observatory in the ‘Gold Zone’, in order to monitor the situation. It engages all stakeholders in its advocacy and capacity building activities.

The activities being undertaken to achieve the objective are:

  • Multi-stakeholder meetings at national level to identify key actors
  • Official launch of the project (see report, in French)
  • Research and collect data on the condition of the migrant workers in the gold mines
  • Organize several events to set up advocacy strategies and develop campaigns


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