Practical information for participants

Practical information for participants

Health and security

It is the personal responsibility of each civil society delegate and other participant in the GFMD to keep up-to-date with any news and developments that pertain to health and security.  This applies to security conditions and caution in transit and during the full period of stay for the GFMD, both within and outside GFMD venues. 

In exercising this responsibility, nothing replaces the vigilance, common sense and good judgment of each delegate and participant. In light of some incidents of violence earlier this year inside and outside of Dhaka, it is prudent to exercise caution and not take risks. 

To complement, but never substitute for your own vigilance, common sense and judgment on security matters, ICMC has contracted and is paying for the global assistance programme of International SOS to be accessible, free of charge, to every civil society delegate from outside Bangladesh in this year’s GFMD.  Specifically, this programme makes available: pre-travel advice on health (e.g., vaccines) and security matters, and in-country:  health and security information and advice, a 24/7 emergency telephone number, and emergency advice and logistics, including help with (but not the expense of) evacuation and repatriation in cases of health or security emergency.  Further information about these services and how to access them is available in documents describing the International SOS “Global Assistance Programme” and “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQs).

Please note that this is an information and logistics resource only, not an insurance programme!  Neither ICMC nor any of its programmes, donors or affiliated entities can be held liable for any cost related to health or security issues - this is the exclusive responsibility of each individual delegate and participant. 

See you in Bangladesh!