Regional Networking

MADE is connecting and building regional networks in Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe to strengthen civil society’s voice and impact on national and regional policies and practices that affect the well-being and protection of migrants.
MADE regional networks organize a range of activities, such as collective advocacy statements and actions linked to civil society’s 5-Year 8-Point Action Plan, regional civil society conferences, meetings with national governments, and the publication of reports highlighting regional priorities for migration and development.
At a global level, MADE aims to bring stronger regional perspectives into the global debate on migration and development by - among other actions - creating opportunities for civil society participation in the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD).
MADE's Europe Chapter has a liaison function between MADE regional networks and Working Groups and the EU institutions, and organizes policy briefings, debates, and advocacy in the EU.

MADE Africa

Activities in Africa are coordinated by Caritas Senegal, based in Dakar.

MADE Americas

Activities in the Americas are coordinated by both International Network on Migration and Development (INMD) in Mexico and Scalabrini International Migration Network (SIMN) with further assistance from Fundación Scalabrini, in Chile .


Activities in Asia are coordinated by Migrant Forum in Asia (MFA).

MADE Europe Chapter

Activities in Europe are coordinated by the International Catholic Migration Commission Europe (ICMC Europe).