MADE Americas

 MADE Americas

"MADE is a channel through which we can foster our vision for a world with diminishing asymmetries among countries and regions, declining social inequalities, and sustainable human development." 

Raúl Delgado Wise, INMD

"Through MADE, we want to strengthen public policies that protect and provide rights for migrants, and we promote the right to migrate as a central focus in our campaigns."  

Idenilso Bortolotto, SIMN-Fundación Scalabrini Chile


Activities in the Americas are coordinated by the International Network on Migration and Development (INMD) based in Mexico and Scalabrini International Migration Network (SIMN) with assistance from Fundación Scalabrini in Chile.  

Activities in MADE Americas aim to foster safe migration, human security and human development across the region in Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America, linking with the diaspora in North America.

All civil society organisations working or with an interest in the field of migration, migrant rights and development in the Americas are welcome to join and participate in upcoming regional events, advocacy actions and other activities.


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Priorities 2016

  • ​Organise a regional meeting in in Paraguay to influence the Conferencia Sudamericana sobre Migraciones (CSM)
  • Foster the protection of migrants in transit and migrant workers in Honduras and Costa Rica (through the MADE Pilot Fund)
  • Organise a national multi-stakeholder meeting on citizenship in the Dominican Republic.
  • Implement the agreements of the regional meeting of 2015, in particular foster the networks and organizations to link the CSD & GFMD outcomes with the follow up activities around UN Committees, specifically with the CMW and CEDAW.
  • Organise an event on how we can move forward in the Mexican case to start developing ideas around this issue.
  • Publish a regional situation report that showcases the main discussions of that event.
  • Map and engage with existing networks and civil society organizations that work promoting migrants’ rights and human development in the region.
  • Publish advocacy papers on migration and development.

Activities 2014-2015

  • Regional civil society networking meetings in Mexico, Buenos Aires, and Lima
  • National civil society-government consultations on immigration reform in Chile and Brazil
  • Collective Statement on the Rights of Haitians  (in Spanish) following the annual meeting of the Migration Collective in the Americas, held in Mexico City in March 2014
  • Declaration from civil society organisations  (in Spanish) attending the Regional MADE Americas meeting in October 2014, which presented to governments attending the XIV South American Conference on Migration, held in Lima, Peru the same week
  • Americas Regional Migration and Development Report 2015 (in Spanish) consolidating perspectives and recommendations from civil society in the region around the protection of women and children in migration, diaspora, safe labour migration, regional governance and citizenship

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MADE Americas: alliances as a pillar to transform social reality

The International Network on Migration and Development will lead this three-day event in Mexico City. The overall objective is to identify issues and how they can be structured into advocacy strategies to advance the protection of the rights of migrants in national, regional and global processes.

La Dignidad de los/las Migrantes:Logros, Dificultades y Desafíos Éticos para Construir el Futuro

The Scalabrini International Migration Network and Fundación Scalabrini, together with the International Center of Migrant's Human Rights (CIDEHUM) will hold the event: “La Dignidad de los/las Migrantes: Logros, Dificultades Y Desafíos Éticos para Construir el Futuro”.