Civil society meeting on advocacy strategies for refugees and migrants after the UN High-level Summit

The self-organized civil society Action Committee for UN Summit has convened an open civil society meeting in New York City, on 18 September 2016, from 9.15 AM – 1.30 PM, the day before the UN High‐Level Summit for refugees and migrants.

The meeting will bring together civil society representatives to discuss visions for after the Summit. How do we ensure changes are made on the ground for refugees, migrants and societies?  How do we hold government to commit and account, and what action and follow-up is needed, in the first 100-days, and thereafter. The meeting will also include specific sessions in relation to outcome commitments that will be, or should have been, made during the Summit:

  • Responsibility-sharing for refugees in practice, and the global compact on refugees
  • Rights-based governance, the global compact on safe migration, and the protection of migrants in vulnerable situations
  • Campaign(s) against xenophobia, and for inclusion

The meeting will be followed by a Media Hour, in which the media will have the opportunity to interact with refugees, migrants and/or civil society representatives.

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