VII World Social Forum on Migrations in São Paulo

The World Social Forum on Migrations (WSFM) was born as a key feature of the World Social Forum, and was first held in Porto Alegre in 2005. This year, São Paulo in Brazil will be hosting the forum from 7 to 10 July 2016 under the slogan “Migrants: building alternatives to disorder and the global capital crisis“. Hosted by members of civil society, non-governmental institutions, academics and activists, the Social Forum of Migration aims to create an environment enabling reflection on migration and democratic debate that is opposed to neoliberalism and capitalism. The Forum is plural, non-confessional, non-government, organised in a decentralized and horizontal form, bringing together social movements from all countries and strengthening their ties.

This year's six themes are:

1. Systemic crisis of the capitalist model and its consequences for migrations
2. Resistance and alternatives for migrants
3. Migrations, gender and body
4. Human rights, habitat, decent work, political participation and social movements
5. Migration, rights of Mother Earth, climate and the North-South dispute
6. Right to the city, social inclusion and migrants as citizens.

Please visit the website of the Forum for more information.